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Choosing the Best Wine Refrigerator

A wine fridge is what a lot of people desire for - most especially those people who is really into wine. They love to buy wine every now and then and stock their wine - this leads them into needing a wine fridge. If you are purchasing a wine fridge for the first time, you need to know the things to consider.


To help you buy the best Haier wine Fridge, here are the four factors you need to consider in buying a wine fridge.


The first thing you need to consider is the capacity. Wine fridges have the minimum capacity of twelve bottles and a maximum capacity of until four hundred seventy bottles. Before you to the market, you first need to determine how many bottles you need to store every now and then. For example, you are just capable of storing fifty bottles of wine, just add at least five bottles for extra purposes and buy a wine fridge that has a fifty five capacity of wine bottles.


The second thing you need to consider is the location. Location means where you are going to use the wine fridge; is it for home use, office use or the others. If you are going to have it for home use, you also need to consider where it will be placed; is it in the living room, in the kitchen or in the dining room. Another option is to build the wine refrigerator cabinet into kitchen cabinetry or a furniture piece.


The third thing you need to consider is the temperature zone. There are three different temperature zones - multiple, three, two and one temperature. It is very important for you to determine the span of time you are going to store your wine and the amount of wine you need to drink for a specific period of time. Wines are advised to be stored at fourteen degrees Celsius. On the other hand, drinking temperature is good at six degrees Celsius.


Two, three and multiple temperature wine fridges are good short term storage while single temperature wine refrigerator cabinet is best for storing wines in a longer period of time.


Last but not the least is the shelving. Shelving is grouped by different bottles sizes, storage, sliding or roller mounted. The shelving is based on how many times you use your wine fridge - is it a day to day use or not.


These are the four important considerations you need to keep in mind in order for you to have the best wine refrigerator.